Statement of purpose

CMC Interiors mission is to create the facilities which enable us to establish a competitive advantage & to sustain a superior performance.

We achieve this through a combination of lateral resources & years of experience.

It is central to our business philosophy that we are in partnership with our Clients, identifying with their interests & sharing their business objectives, to ensure a smooth successful project.

What we provide

Total Project Management services such that the total fitout work programs can be brought to completion under our guidance.

We are able to provide all disciplines that are required to Project Manage the construction of Partitioning, Ceilings, Mechanical, Electrical & Service works. Process Design & Development is under taken in a wide variety of fields either independently or in conjunction with the client.

CMC Interiors has a reputation for being cost effective, delivering complete Projects on time & enabling the client to operate at arms length from the day to day details of individual projects,& yet retain overall control.

Our company is committed to a program of communication. We establish with our client a project co-ordination procedure, together with the ability to provide monthly Project Reports, which ensures that our client is familiar at all times with the state of the project.

Quality policy statement

 Competition in our market place presents ever increasing challenges.

To succeed we must be able to compete not only on price, but also in terms of Technical Excellence, Quality & Reliability.

Our Quality Assurance program is based on the Australian Standards requirements with our overall philosophy being updated concurrent with an open market.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are well informed, totally satisfied customers.